Dalhousie is a hilly station of Himachal Pradesh, situated in the northern part of India in Chamba district. It is spread on 5 hills and its tourist offer combines wonderful charms of the natural background with delightful British architecture of Victorian style. Dalhousie got his name after a British Governor Lord Dalhousie and it is no wonder it also became one of the favorite summer places of British India. In winter is gets cold and there is a lot of snow to enjoy winter activities and summer temperatures are really pleasant and soothing.

The most rewarding here is definitely the nature. There are lots of possibilities of hiking, trekking or skiing. Hikers can walk the Chamba – Khajjiar trek to Mini Switzerland of India and get on the top of the highest peak of the area – Dainkund Peak. Walking around Dalhousie leads travelers along Panchpulla, five bridges crossing the river with Satdhara waterfalls.

Dalhousie has charming architectural jewels reminding past times of British rule such as Gandhi Chowk and Jandri Ghat.