Dharamsala is a must for travelers visiting Himachal Pradesh because of its stunning natural beauties and especially its atmosphere related to the exile of 14th Dalailama, many Tibetan refugees and the strong Buddhist background. It is situated in Kangra Valley and encircled by beautiful Dhauladhar mountain range. That provides the opportunity to do the trekking to Triund Hill or McLeondganj, jump off the top of Dhauladhar range with a paraglide or try rock climbing in Nayagroeon.

The history of Dharamsala sarded to be written after the arrival of British people as before it was only small farming village. British rule brought the base of famous Gurkha warriors to Dharamsala and gave it still visible British influence. In 1959 14th Dalailama found his exile here and after that it become the center of Tibetan culture, a home of numerous Tibetan refugees and Buddhists center. There is Tsuglagkhang Comples , the largest Tibetan temple outside Tibet, Tibetan Museum and Library and also Tibetan Museum of Performing Arts.