Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful Indian states located in the northern part of the country and numerous tourists follow the roads between the valleys to visit many spectacular tourist destinations. Himachal Pradesh is well known for its scenic countryside, hilly landscape decorated by fascinating ranges of Himalayas and charming towns reflecting the ancient messages still alive in the forms of famous religious places, sacred temples or spots that can be tracked back the oldest legends of India as well as the strong influence of British rule of the past centuries.

As the name suggests, Himachal Pradesh is the land of snow and mountains so many people come here to do some winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating but summer has also its charm because it provides an escape from the heat of Indian summer. Trekking, paragliding or horse riding – that all can be done in Himachal Pradesh. Among the most popular tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh belongs its capital Shimla, Kullu – Manali, Dalhousie or mini Switzerland of India – Khajjiar. To get an exquisite experience take a ride by a train on Kalka – Shimla Mountain Railway, amazing Indian heritage.

Destinations in Himachal


Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, north Indian state on the laps of Himalayas, and one of the most popular Indian tourist locations.


Kullu and Manali are two separate destinations of Kullu district but because of their proximity and relation there are often reffered to as Kullu – Manali.


Dalhousie is a hilly station of Himachal Pradesh, situated in the northern part of India in Chamba district.


Dharamsala is a must for travelers visiting Himachal Pradesh because of its stunning natural beauties and especially its atmosphere related to the exile of 14th Dalailama


Triund Hill is more than 2,800 meters high and from the top one can see Dhauladhar range and Kangra Valley.


Khajjiar is just a small but really spectacular town of Himachal Pradesh, the state situated in the north of India